Arab Towers Contracting Company (ATCCO) is a leading construction company serving the Jordanian Market and the Region. ATCCO was incorporated in 2007 with roots back to 1988 known as Hisham Wadi Contracting Establishment. ATCCO-STEEL division started initially in 1999 as part of Hisham Wadi Contracting Establishment, to support the project requirements of steel structure, fabrication, and machining services, at the time.

ATCCO-STEEL aims to remain as one of the largest and most diversified structural steel fabricators in the area, with its 30,000m2covered plant area, built over a 120,000m2plot, located at an active industrial area in Al-Mafraq, Jordan. The facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing and steel fabrication technology and equipment.

Mission: -

ATCCO-STEEL is committed to provide customers with efficient, high quality and competitive services and products in a timely manner, while maintaining highest levels of safety.

Vision: -

ATCCO-STEEL aims to achieve the highest levels of productivity, profitability and safety, through the application of modern equipment, automated systems, best standards, QA/QC Systems and staff development and training.

Strength and Reliability

ATCCO's growth and success, are achieved through innovation, improvement, devotion to safety, quality, flexible management practice and highly skilled and motivated staff; all devoted to serve the construction industry and our client’s requirements while meeting the highest industry standards.

The company’s experience and resources, acquired over the years, cover the full spectrum of construction works, spanning from heavy civil construction projects, such as paper-mill factories, steel-mill factories, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and industrial plants, to various electromechanical and steel projects. Since modern equipment play an essential role in enhancing the capability of any contracting company, a wide range of modern equipment and instruments, were acquired by the company to assure highest performance, quality and competitiveness.

QA / QC and Engineering Standards

Our QA/QC system will ensure that customer requirements are recognized and met.

We believe in the importance of having proper documentation for every production step and we are committed to the implementation and maintenance of an efficient quality system. In addition, we encourage suggestions, updates, and improvements as needed.


fabrication process, the latest international codes of practice, such as:

• AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction
• AISI: American Iron & Steel Institute
• AASHTO: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
• AWS: American Welding Society
• ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
• ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
• SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings
• ASNT: American society for non-destructive test
• ASD: Allowable stress design
• MBMA: Material Building Manufacturer Association
• ISO 12944: Paint & Varnishes-corrosion protection of steel structure by protective paint system
• Jordanian National Building codes - Jordanian code for loads and forces
• EN 10029: Tolerances to EN 10029 for hot rolled plate 3mm and above
• EN 10034: Structural steel I and H sections -- Tolerances on shape and dimensions
• EN 10219-2: Cold formed welded structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steel part 2. Tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties
• EN 10279: Hot rolled steel channels – tolerances on shape, dimensions, and mass.


Design Engineering

At Atcco Steel, we design, procure, and engineer the structures requested. Our design and engineering phase involves meticulous planning to ensure precision and efficiency from the start of every project.



Our fabricating process utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to cut, bend, and assemble steel with unparalleled accuracy and speed.


Quality Assurance and Control

Quality is at the heart of our operations, with rigorous quality assurance and control measures in place at every stage to guarantee the integrity of our steel fabrications.


Assembly on Site

Our skilled teams efficiently assemble steel components on-site, adhering to strict safety and quality standards to bring designs to life.


Final Inspection on Work

All completed works are subject to a comprehensive final inspection, ensuring that every aspect meets our stringent quality criteria and client expectations.