Project Info

Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Co. Ltd. (JorAMCo) & Aircraft Support Industries pty. Ltd. (Australian)

Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Co. Ltd. (JorAMCo)

Total Project Value:
18 Million USD

Project duration:
2007 (9 Months)

Project Description

The scope of work included all civil, electrical and mechanical works for a multi-span hangar 155 m x 88 m x 30 m height with the construction of 17 m height reinforced concrete columns with steel hinges to allow for hangar movement, in addition to a 3255m2 mezzanine floor.

  • Scope of work also included the supply and installation (S&I) of the following:
  • Special fire fighting foam deluge system with Viking foam grating nozzles and sensitive flame detectors.
  • Under floor heating system for 13000 m2 floors with boilers
  • Sprinkler system.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • HVAC system.
  • Special fire rated man doors, motorized roll-up fire rated doors, tail doors, etc