Project Info

Ministry of Water & Irrigation

Sigma Consulting Engineers, DAR & RRI.

Total Project Value:
18 Million USD

Project duration:

Project Description

Construction of a waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 25000 m3 per day located 140 km to the north of Amman.
The following works were constructed:
• Six aeration tanks 72 m x 18 m x 5.2 m each.
• Six sedimentation tanks 21 m Diameter x 5.0 m each.
• Three sludge holding tanks with circular and conical shapes.
• Nine box culverts 11 m x 21 m x 3 m height.
• During the construction, 40000m3 of concrete were poured with 5000 tons of steel reinforcement within 14 months of difficult conditions.